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Armed Robbery & Assault Case: No Jail Time

September 9, 2019: Norfolk County Superior Court

Charges: 1) Armed Robbery (x3); 2) Armed Assault in Dwelling (x3)

Summary: The Defendant was indicted on 3 counts of Armed Robbery and 3 Counts of Armed Assault in a Dwelling on a case originating out of Quincy District Court. Armed Assault in a Dwelling carries a minimum sentence of 10 years state prison and both charges carry a maximum sentence of life in prison. Attorney Riccio negotiated a plea deal where his client avoided prison time and was placed on probation.

Result: Probation

Receiving Stolen Property Charge: Not Guilty

February 14, 2018 Bench Trial: Attleboro District Court

Charge: Receiving Stolen Property + $250.00

Result: Not Guilty

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